Hello, I am Sandra and I will show you how you can create a successful life through the power of your subconscious.
You will learn from me how to consciously influence your life with your thoughts and feelings and how to create your life self-determined and find true freedom.

In your subconscious is the solution for all your problems and challenges and once you have learned to handle your subconscious correctly you will be able to change each of your areas of life as you wish.

Happiness, health, joy, freedom and prosperity are coming into your life.
The infinite wisdom living in your subconscious will fulfill all your desires in the best possible way.

It is my passion to support you in getting to know this ingenious power, to teach you how it works and to support and motivate you in your challenge.

My training and support is based on the teachings of Dr. Joseph Murphy and Dr. Joe Dispenza and the Law of Attraction.

Become the self-determined creator of your life and make your life as you please.

I will help you.






Angelika U.

Sandra is simply unique!!! Cordial and very lovable. She gives courage, strength and positive energy!
I thank her from the bottom of my heart for her support! ?❤ Thank you dear Sandra!
I am glad to have found you ???


Iris R.

Sandra is very emphatic and cordial, she always gives me great impulses for thinking ?





“The moment you get to know the power of your thoughts is the moment your freedom begins!”
Sandra Planck, Mindset & Ermutigungscoach





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