Hello! Great that you found your way here because that means you want to change something in your life and that’s just awesome!




I am Sandra, Mindset & Encouragement Coach. I support you in living your best life by getting to know the power of your subconscious and consciously using this power for your life.

I have experienced some years ago what is possible when I change my thoughts – my way of thinking. And because I know that it works, I know that you can experience it as well.

I was unhappy with my life, I felt my life was passing me by and I missed the best. My goals and dreams were far away and I had no idea how and if I could ever reach them. I felt helpless and alienated to the circumstances of my life at that time.

But then came the day when everything really changed for me. Through Dr. Joseph Murphy’s book “The Power of Her Subconscious” it suddenly became clear to me: I can change everything and everything begins in my thoughts, in my mindset.
I realized that my life has more to offer me and that I myself am the creator of my life.



With my mind power
I create my life circumstances. Every thought is another seed through which I create the garden of my life.

This means: I am no longer a victim of my life circumstances, but I am the creator of my life circumstances. Everything is changeable.
As soon as I begin to change my thoughts, my life changes.

And today? I live my self-determined and happy life. I am on my way and realize my goals and dreams.
I love life and I enjoy every day.

My vocation and passion is to show you how to discover the great potential of your thought power and then consciously use it.
That’s why I have developed e-mail coaching to help you discover the power of your thoughts. I train new thoughts with you so that you can develop a new mindset and you can create your life happy, positive and full of joy. I support and encourage you on your way to “stay tuned”, because discipline and endurance must be your companions on your way to change.

I love what I do ? and I am happy to work with you. If you want to know more about me, please write me your questions to: info@lifecoach-planck.com and have a look on my facebook page https://www.facebook.com/coaching.by.email/

Warm greetings

Sandra Planck
Mindset & Encouragement Coach

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