The basis of my coaching are the teachings of Dr. Joseph Murphy “The Power of your Subconscious” and Dr. Joe Dispenza.

My coaching is always a help for self-help, because it is important to me that you become an independent creator.

I accompany and encourage you in your transformation process – out of the supposed helpless victim role to a strong conscious and self-determined person who achieves his goals and realizes his dreams.

Everything you need is already within you and I support you in unfolding your potential. Email coaching supports this process because you are alone in doing the exercises and you acquire the ability to help yourself in other situations without being dependent on other people or a coach.

In addition, writing down your situation, your problem – you write it off your soul – will help you because your subconscious is active and supports you.




IMPULSE E-Mail Coaching with 1 e-mail

The advantages of e-mail coaching are

• You have no travel costs
• You are independent of time and place and don’t need an appointment
• You can read and edit your e-mails whenever you want.
suits you best in terms of time
• You can read and internalize my e-mails and trainings again and again
• You can stay completely anonymous.




Your goal:

You want a feedback on your current life situation and an impulse where and how you can start in your subconscious to create a change in this area.


In this training you get from me:
1 E-Mail 1 – 2 DINA 4 pages + Affirmation with explanation

♥ You learn how your subconscious and the power of your thoughts work so that you can consciously use both.
♥ On this basis you will get an impulse how to activate your subconscious to create a change in your life.
♥ You get an affirmation related to your topic with explanations and application tips.
Affirmations are simple, clear positive sentences that are spoken loudly or quietly. They provide your subconscious with new information so that you can build up new positive thought patterns.
♥ The length of my reply e-mail is 1 – 2 DINA 4 pages long.
♥ I will reply to you on monday to friday within 48 hours.
♥ You can book additional e-mail coaching sessions by individual arrangement.







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