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Stress in our private or professional lives that robs us of strength and joie de vivre?
That doesn’t have to be! You have the power to change your professional and private situation.

✔ You wish for a free and relaxed life without emotional negative stress?

✔ You want to get to know new ways to make your life easier?


SWITCHWORDS are a way for you to solve your life and problems in a relaxed way.

SWITCHWORDS give you with ease whatever you want in life.




I am Sandra Planck, Life-Coach and Switchwords Consultant. I support you in solving your problems in your professional and private life.

I will help you:

► to get to know the power of your thoughts and your subconscious and to use it consciously, so that you can create your professional life and your life according to your wishes.
► through this knowledge you will be able to consciously change your situation at work and in your life.
► you will solve problems such as emotional stress, conflicts with colleagues, your boss and other fellow human beings for yourself
► you get to know your negative thought patterns, dissolve them and develop new positive thought patterns
► get to know the mental tools Switchwords and Energy Circles with which you can make wonderful changes in your life, easily and relaxed.


How does that sound to you? Good? Great! Then you’ve come to the right place!




My passion is to show you how to discover the great potential of your thought power and then consciously apply it. My SW-Coaching will help you relax and easily create the living conditions you desire.

Get your SWITCHWORDS Consulting now!


I love ❤️ what I do and I am happy to work with you.


If you want to know more about me, feel free to mail me your questions:


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