The Master Switchword TOGETHER is an extraordinary word which achieves the best possible result in every situation.


Switchword Together



TOGETHER is the Master Switchword for a life in heaven on earth and the mastery of all upcoming tasks.

With this word you master 14 categories:
Freedom, love, survival, security, health, money, art, wisdom, pleasure, happiness, the actions of life, self-improvement, service to humanity, religion, spirituality and enlightenment.

James T. Mangan realized on March 10, 1951 that TOGETHER is a one-word formula that manifests everything in perfect proportion.


TOGETHER – puts together everything that complements each other.

TOGETHER – improves all relationships in your life. Love relationships, business relationships, friendships, relationships with your animals.

TOGETHER – increases the effect of each additional switchword e.g. TOGEHTER – DIVINE realizes whatever you want and brings you a miracle


Another example:

Release the constrictions, master your ability to move freely and unencumbered


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