Get your personalised Switchwords Coaching

If you don’t know how to use SWITCHWORDS and energy circles or if you want personal SWITCHWORDS to solve your problem, then sign up for coaching.



I  create your very own personal Switchword-Phrase and the matching energy circle, matched in the colors that energetically support your desire.

As soon as you start to work with it, your whole life will be aligned to this energy.

Please note that only one life theme/life situation will be covered per booking.





125,00 €  – SWITCHWORDS Consultation + personal Energy Circle+ impuls life counselling – answering your questions in one e-mail
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You get:

• your personal switchword phrase to match your problem/life situation you want to change.
+ explanation of how each word works for you

• a suitable energy circle for your topic (in an image file for printing) with detailed description of its application and effect

• an impulse life consultation and the answering of your questions in one e-mail


After booking you will receive further details.

For your personal energy circle please email me:


Your full name (your birth name)
Your current name (if different)
Your date and place of birth
Your attachment


I am looking forward to supporting you with this wonderful energy work!   🥰



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