What are Switchwords?

Switchwords are words, strong and powerful words that are used to connect directly with the subconscious to give the subconscious a certain direction that draws the meaning of the switchword to you.

Every word we speak, think, or sing has an effect and achieves what we want, or brings us what we have put on the word.
Since words and also numbers carry a certain energy, the pronunciation of a word generates a certain energy vibration of yours.

The more often you repeat a switchword, the more it affects your energy vibration.
The more it affects your energy, the more you draw the desired experience, state or answer into your life.

Switchwords can also be compared to a mantra. You can say the words, think, sing and write.
You can write the switchwords on the body (left wrist) or in case of pain directly on the spot that hurts. Or you can use them in an Engergy Circle (see description below).

There are 3 different switchword categories: universal switchwords, open and personal switchwords.

Universal switchwords work for almost all people (95-100 percent of people). Open switchwords work for 50 – 94 percent of people. The personal switchwords work individually for each person.


Believe it or don’t believe it – switchwords always work. 🥰
As already described, switchwords work through their energy oscillation. By pronouncing, singing, reciting or thinking these power words, you change the vibration of your body so that it vibrates at the same frequency as your desired goal.

By repeating these words, attention shifts from the meaning of the word to the sound of the word.
Switchwords thus work purely through the sound and the feeling transported with the word, which then directs your energy towards your goal.

By the way – you don’t need a deep belief that switchwords work. Just being open to it is enough. They just work.


What are switchword phrases or switchword pairs?

Switchword phrases or switchword pairs are a combination of multiple switchwords. (No grammatical rules are used)
These phrases have the energy combination of the switchwords used. With a switchword phrase you can get a faster result.

This combination brings you a house.

Originally (James T. Mangan was the founder) switchwords were created to achieve what you want with the use of a word.
A switchword forms a verbal code that your subconscious understands and that works immediately by directing your subconscious towards your conscious goal.

A switchword is like a magic „I get“ word. The subconscious and the universe come into harmony through a SW, so that whatever you want will be realized.


First start with one word

When you start working with the switchword it can be confusing to work with several words or a switchword sentence, so I recommend you start with one word first.

Start with the word TOGETHER.

TOGETHER is the master switchword. You can find the effects of this switchword HERE.

Energy Circles – Energy Circles

Energy Circles (EC) were developed by Kat Miller. Energy Circles radiate the energy of words all the time.

You can also use the effect of the colours when working with Energy Circles. The photo below is an EC for gratitude.
Gratitude is a high energy.
When this Energy Circle is hung on the wall, the energy of gratitude radiates constantly and since there is a name in it, this energy also works outside the home.

Example of an energy circle that radiates the energy of gratitude.


It is possible to to energize with energy circles, with the switchwords or the numbers water and food. Jewellery can also be charged with this energy.
Healing Numbers, Angel Numbers – Grigori Grabovoi Numbers


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